Caldo Wifi


Electric storage water heater

Available in 20 Ltr capacity in White colour.

WiFi+Ferroli Heater App

Caldo.20WiFi incorporates state-of-the-art Wi Fi technology that allows you to operate your water heater via an app on your smart phone! You can set the required water temperature and time through your smart phone app when connected to your in-house Wi-Fi network.

Quick Heating Option with Dual HE

Caldo.20WiFi has two heating elements, if hot water is required in a hurry. You can choose to switch on the primary heating element alone, or the primary and secondary elements together, depending on how quickly you want the water to get hot.

Colour screen LED display

Ferroli’s storage water heaters come with a digital temperature display to ensure that your bath water is at the right temperature to enhance your bathing comfort.