Mito.1-6 Ltrs

Experience Ferroli’s small but stylish and powerful Mito range of instant water heaters. Specially designed to withstand a higher pressure of 8 bars it is ideal for high rise buildings and pressure pump applications!


Electric instant water heater

Available in 1 & 3 Ltr capacities in White and Ivory colour.


Electric instant water heater

Available in 6 Ltr capacity in White and Ivory colours.

Long Lasting Aluminium Anode

All Ferroli water heaters have an aluminium anode which protects the glass lining of the tank and lasts twice as long as the conventional magnesium anode, being used by other water heaters in the market, ensuring longer protection of the tank.


Mito.6 is designed to deliver high energy conservation based on BEE standards. This means that operating this water heater will result in power saving lowering your electricity cost.


‘Blue Forever’ is a new generation of ultra-strong heating elements, created at the Ferroli global R&D centre in San Bonifacio. This patented technology is designed to reduce scaling, increase heating efficiency and prolong the life of the heating element, significantly. ‘Blue Forever’ is at the heart of all Ferroli electric water heaters available in India.

Healthy blue silicon enamel coated tank

Ferroli electric water heater tanks undergo a special, corrosion-proof treatment called the Blue Silicon enamel powder coating process. This treatment uses a hi-tech, electro-static application technique. The subsequent baking in the furnace at 870ºC, creates a perfect glass lining on the tank, ensuring a longer life. It also creates an ultra-hygienic surface inside the tank, thereby retaining purity of the water.